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God has blessed me tremendously with an amazing husband, Doug, and two gorgeous little boys, Gavin and Joey. It has always been a dream of mine to have a large family but God may have other plans. I had a series of 6 consecutive early miscarriages when trying for baby #2. We are currently trying for baby #3 after our 7th miscarriage. I am faithful that God's plan is perfect, even when I am not happy about it. I love comments and meeting new followers so please don't be shy!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Grown-Up Decisions

I read a story a while back about a mother who committed suicide in the bathroom of her home. She intentionally overdosed on prescription medication by swallowing not just a few extra pills but an entire prescription bottle full of pills. She was found when a neighbor heard a baby crying in the house for an extended period of time. The neighbor went over and found the baby tear stained and exhausted in his crib and the mother dead in the bathroom.

When I first read this story I was just so sad. Sad for the mom that she was so depressed. Then, so sad for the baby boy who was left without his mommy. But after just a few minutes my sadness turned to anger. Let's just put aside the fact that she was leaving her little boy without a mom for the rest of his life but she knowingly and intentionally committed suicide with her baby in the house, in the crib, alone, scared, with no one to protect him.

After getting over the initial shock and anger I started to wonder about that poor kids life. How he will alway be missing an important piece of his life by not having his mom. He will likely have a life of sadness, confusion, depression, and an overall lack of direction. We wouldn't ever do this to our kids. Or would we?

I have heard so many people talk about how they are going to raise their children and then when they are old enough, the kids can choose what they want to believe in when it comes to God. I don't think this would be that bad if the parents were really teaching them about God. But most of the parents that I hear say this aren't exactly church goers or readers of the bible. They are just as clueless as the kids are, and they are going to leave the decision up to the kids because, well, honestly, they don't have a clue what they believe so how can they tell their kids what to believe.

I think these parents are laying in a bathtub full of water with a hand full of pills, a glass of water, and a crying baby in the crib. That baby doesn't know what is going on. If that parent follows through and swallows those pills, leaving the child to decide for themselves if they believe in God with no guidance from their parents, then the parents are sentencing their child to a life of sadness, confusion, depression, and an overall lack of direction.

Let's not do this to our children. Let's teach our children about God. Teach them about who He is and how powerful He is. If AFTER we teach them all there is to know about Him and then they choose to not believe in Him then, as parents, we have done all that we can do. But, please, don't expect them to learn all there is to know about God on their own, in a crib, alone, scared, with no one to protect them. God gave us these wonderful little people to hug, love, and call our own. Let's teach them about who sent them to us.


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