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God has blessed me tremendously with an amazing husband, Doug, and two gorgeous little boys, Gavin and Joey. It has always been a dream of mine to have a large family but God may have other plans. I had a series of 6 consecutive early miscarriages when trying for baby #2. We are currently trying for baby #3 after our 7th miscarriage. I am faithful that God's plan is perfect, even when I am not happy about it. I love comments and meeting new followers so please don't be shy!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Think of Eternity

About 5 years ago when Doug and I were just dating he was showing me how to use my new PDA. You know, it was one of those devices that people used to keep appointments, meetings, phone numbers, etc. long before the blackberry or iphone. It had the ability to "beam" meetings or other information from one device to the other and the item that Doug "beamed" me was a reminder to "Think of Eternity". When I saw it appear on my PDA screen I asked him what that was, thinking maybe it was a book he was reading or some TV show I hadn't heard of. He just explained that he put that on his PDA to remind him to do just that, think of eternity.

I always knew that Doug was a deep thinker but I was almost intimidated by the fact that he had a daily reminder to think of eternity. But, this event was now on my PDA and I saw that line, "Think of Eternity," every morning. I challenged myself to do just that. At first when I thought about eternity it was almost overwhelming. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, an eternity is a really really long time! My 98 year old grandmother has been around longer than anyone I have ever known personally. I wonder if her life has seemed like an eternity. Ninety-eight years is a really long time but when I think of my 34 years of life I don't think of them as being that long. High school doesn't seem all that long ago. When I find myself reminiscing I often want to say that it was "like 10 years ago when..." then I realize that it was closer to 15 years ago. Sometimes 20. Actually, my life hasn't felt like a long time at all. Hopefully, I am still just in the beginning half of my life but even if I live to be 90 I don't think I will feel like I have been around for more than a blink in respect to eternity.

So when I do die, as we all will someday, I know that I will spending an eternity either with God or in hell. If my lifetime is just a split second in the realm of eternity, an eternity in hell is a huge deal. I know that I have made mistakes in my life and before I thought of eternity, my thoughts were more along the lines of , "Gee, I hope I don't go to hell for this." Now, seeing as how God tells us what we need to do in order to spend eternity in heaven, how incredibly stupid would I be to chose to disobey him or pretend like God doesn't care what I do. It isn't just a matter of hanging out in a dark evil place for a while like a really bad summer camp where after what may feel like eternity, your parents show up to take you home. God isn't going to take me out of a time out and tell me how naughty I have been and then welcome me into heaven. I need to do exactly what he has told me to do. I need to do it consciously and with Him in my heart.

I don't claim to know the answers. I don't even know that if I died today that I would go to heaven. I do know that I am so very thankful that my husband beamed that message to me to think of eternity. I hope that anyone that reads this takes just a few seconds to "Think of Eternity." Maybe it will change your perspective, as it changed mine.


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