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God has blessed me tremendously with an amazing husband, Doug, and two gorgeous little boys, Gavin and Joey. It has always been a dream of mine to have a large family but God may have other plans. I had a series of 6 consecutive early miscarriages when trying for baby #2. We are currently trying for baby #3 after our 7th miscarriage. I am faithful that God's plan is perfect, even when I am not happy about it. I love comments and meeting new followers so please don't be shy!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 19: Red Rasberry Leaf Tea

When I when I was pregnant with Joey, I had read a lot about drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea during the last trimester of pregnancy.  I had very little knowledge of herbal teas prior to that pregnancy so I thought, "Hey, it can't hurt."  I read that it could help strengthen the uterus and it could make contractions more efficient and productive.  Since I was all about giving birth without pain medications I decided that "efficient" and "productive" could be helpful!

Starting at about 34 weeks, right around the time the summer heat was starting to become uncomfortable, I would brew a few cups worth of Red Rasperry Leaf Tea (RRL) and would pour it over a large glass of ice 2-3 times a day.  I used Splenda to sweeten it and found it to be tasty and refreshing!  I kinda forgot about the medicinal reason for it and started drinking it for the taste.

Then fast forward to Joey's birthday... I don't know if it was the RRL tea but when I had the urge to push, it was strong and powerful.  When the doctor finally showed up and gave me permission to push, I barely had both feet in the stirrups when my body pushed his head out.  With one more effortless push, the rest of his 10 pound 3 ounce body was out.

Was it the Tea?  I have to think it was since pushing out Joey was the easiest part of my labor.  If you are expecting or hope to be, I can't recommend introducing RRL Tea into your routine in your last trimester.  It is tasty and great for your body!

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